More about Our Founder

Susanna Schick has worked in product development for some of the top fashion designers in New York and Los Angeles, always choosing creative challenges over money and security. Ms. Schick always remained true to her north star goal- to deliver the greatest good for the greatest number, while also finding creative and intellectual fulfillment in her work. Thus, she shared her expertise with her students at Parsons School of Design while also completing projects from multiple avant-garde designers desperately preparing for Fashion Week.

When apparel product development ceased to be adequately challenging, she pursued an MBA focused on sustainability. The intersection between preserving Earth’s finite resources and promoting more meaningful consumption is where her passion lies. Ms. Schick spent the summer of 2009 with Virgance in San Francisco, helping them develop and scale Carrotmob, an exciting new form of consumer activism.

When she’s not dreaming up innovative ways to solve the world’s problems, or striving to make Los Angeles the world capital of eco-fashion, Ms. Schick can be found using her talent for strategy in darting through traffic on her motorcycle or bicycle. Try to keep up on Twitter: @pinkyracr